Sylvester Cat Pvc Mask
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Sylvester Cat Pvc Mask

"Thuffering Thukkertash!" From Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Series, Looney Tunes is a childhood classic dating back to 1930. Sylvester the black and white cat has starred in TV, Film, comics, video games, theme parks and other media via Warner Bros for decades. Of course, our best memories of this pussy cat is chasing poor Tweety Bird around his cage. He never did quite catch him! An iconic, Looney Tunes character, become this crazy but loveable cat today.
  • PVC Plastic face character mask with painted details and eye holes cut out to see through
  • Mask secures with elastic strap at rear
  • This is designed to fit a child's face
  • This is an officially licensed Looney Tunes product