Mia And Me Classic
Mia And Me Classic
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Mia And Me Classic

"There I'm Mia, here I'm me", goes the song, and here comes the magic! We have everything you need to transport you to the world of Centopia, a magical kingdom where you will discover dragons and wander the Uninteresting Hills! Star in your own Mia and Me story and join the elves and talking unicorns in your quest to defeat the evil queen Panthea. Is it just a dream or some fantasy, or maybe just another kind of reality? "Come and fly with me!"
  • Colourful tunic dress with zig zag hemline and printed spots pattern. Dress features love heart neckline
  • Wings are sheer mesh with patterns on a soft wire frame and attach at rear with velcro tabs
  • Wig and shoes not included
  • This is an officially licensed Mia and Me product