Beetlejuice Sign
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Beetlejuice Sign

Beware - if you say Beetlejuice three times he appears! A Tim Burton classic spooky, comedy film from 1988, Beetlejuice makes us jump and jeer at the same time. "Betelgeuse", played by Michael Keaton tries to ward off the ghosts of Barbara Maitland, (Geena Davis) and Adam Maitland, (Alec Baldwin) from their own home as well as the new residents, an unsuspecting family from New York. A ghost from the Neverland, Beetlejuice haunts, taunts and terrorises in his trademark black and white striped suit with wild grey hair and a painted ghostly face. Try on some magic this Halloween as you "turn on the juice and see what comes loose!"
  • Moulded foam sign
  • Painted details to look like weathered stone
  • Measures approximately 45cm wide by 27cm high and 2.5cm thick
  • This is an officially licensed Beetlejuice product