Childrens Halloween Party Games

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Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? Maybe you just fancy making it a little more fun for this year’s Trick or Treaters? Whatever party you’re planning to attend this Halloween we’ve created some wonderful guides jam packed with wonderful Halloween party ideas for all. Whether you’re wanting petrifying party games for either Adults or Children, creepy Cocktails and Frightening Food for all your ghostly guests, or simply want to learn more about Halloween history look no further than MAD Distributions Halloween Party Guides.


Discover our fantastically fun list of Childrens Halloween Games.

It’s no secret that Children love Halloween. Whether it’s wearing fancy dress costumes, the opportunity to stay up late with their friends or (most likely) the chance to eat their body weight in sweets, Halloween is fantastic fun and great opportunity for you to let your children’s imagination run wild and enjoy all the enjoyment Halloween brings.
But if you’re hosting the kids Halloween party this year, what games can you play to keep the kids entertained whilst ensuring they’re all feeling the freak Halloween spirit.

We’ve picked some of our favourite Halloween Children’s games that can be played in groups both big and small, without you having to break the piggy bank!

mummy wrap
Mummy Wrap

A well-known childhood favourite, Mummy Wrap is fantastically fun for groups of any and can be played with the minimal of effort – all you need is a roll of toilet roll.

The rules are easy. Simply get your guests into pairs, giving one child the roll of toilet paper. The other child becomes ‘the Mummy’.

On the word ‘Go’, the other child must spin around the Mummy, trying to cover them as much as possible in toilet roll to create the best-looking mummy.

The winner can be decided in 2 ways, either the best covering, with minimal body showing behind the toilet roll, or the person to finish their roll first.

Frankenstein bowling
Frankenstein Bowling:

Quick, easy and cheap to set up, Frankenstein Bowling is brilliant for children of all ages and is a terrifying twist on 10 pin bowling.

You will need 10 identical items to make your pins- we find either tin cans on empty 2 litre bottles work best – and a ball – ideally a pumpkin, although any ball will do.

Once you’ve collected your materials, you need to decorate your pins. This can be done beforehand, or you can let your little guests do it as a part of the activity.

Now you’ve got your game ready, you’re ready for Frankenstein Bowling. Simply put your 10 pins in a classic 10 pin bowling style then you’re ready to play.

The rules are simple, whoever can knock down the most pins is the winner!

how many sweets
How many Halloween Sweets guessing game.

One of the easiest games to both set up and play, the How many sweets guessing game is a staple of Village Fetes, Charity fundraisers and of course, Halloween!
All you will need is a big jar, glass or plastic will do, and a bag of sweets big enough to fill your container.

Setting up is simple, just open up your bags of sweets and put them into your jar, counting as you go a long to ensure you know exactly how many are in there. Once complete, make a note of how many sweets are there and keep the number safe.

Now the fun begins! Invite your guests to come up in turns and guess how many sweets are in the jar.

The winner can be decided either by correctly guessing the amount of sweets, or whoever manages to guess closet. It just depends how generous you’re feeling!

Skeleton game
Skeleton Puzzle

Another cost effective, but fantastically fun game, Skeleton Puzzle is great for children of all ages, even adults! And involves letting your Halloween horrors build their own skeleton. 
You will need a pile of A4 paper, and some blue-tack.

The game is simple. On each piece of paper draw yourself some D.I.Y Skeleton bones - enough to make a full body when put together – cut out, and place a ball of blue- tack on the back of each piece.

Now you have your collection of bones all ready. It’s time to play the game! But how do you play I hear you ask?

The game is easy. Collect your participants around a wall, fridge or anywhere you’re happy to have blue-tack stuck too. You then give all of your bones to the first contestant, and time how long it takes for them to put together a complete skeleton. - Repeat this with whoever else wants to play, with the quickest time at the end being the overall winner.

spider web walking
Spider Web Walking

Our final game, but also one of our favourites! This fantastically fun game can be played easily at home, all you need is some tape, plastic spiders and a prize for the end (we used a witches hat).

Setting Up:
Using your tape, create a spider’s web on the floor, with an obvious start and finish – usually working outside in – placing your prize in the centre, and scattering your spiders around your web.

How to play:
The rules are simple; each player must make it to the centre of the web to collect their prize without touching the floor, whilst also making sure they collect all the plastic spiders along the way.

The Winner:
Whoever collects all the spiders and gets their prize within the fastest time.

Well there you have it, our definitive list of Halloween games that are great for some freaky fun! It doesn’t matter whatever type of party you decide to attend, we hope you enjoy your Halloween, and have fun playing some of our Adult Halloween games!

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