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              Rubiks Cube Costumes

              Are you off to a 70s or 80s Party? Why not try turn up in something completely different like our collection of Rubik's Cube . Invented by a Hungarian professor in 1974, the 3D puzzle took the West by storm during the next decade before gradually taking over the world and is widely considered the best selling toy of all time. Now, thanks to the costume experts at MAD Distribution you can wear a Rubik's cube outfit to your next party. With a wide variety of depending on the event and occasion, you can look like the classic Rubik's Cube in our unisex costume, strut your stuff in our second skin or try one of our other cube costumes. Whatever Rubik's Cube costume you do decide to wear, MAD Distribution can help you bring a blast from the past at your next event. Just make sure that no one twists you too hard.

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