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With everyone able to name at least a couple of his songs. Elvis is one of the most well-known, celebrated and influential musicians of the 20th Century and even today. Starting life in a small town in Tennessee, Elvis ended up as the King of Rock 'n' Roll and eventually became one of the world's biggest ever stars. Now you can celebrate the life of Mr Presley with an Elvis costume from the specialists at fancydressforyou.com Best remembered for the colorful outfits of the comeback years of the 60s and 70s, when he showed an increasingly soul and gospel-tinged repertoire, these costumes recall this later period with our range of flared white or black jumpsuits, as well as his earlier signature Elvis American Eagle Rock 'n' Roll look from the birth of a new genre of music and Sun recordings. You can also accessorize any Elvis outfit with our Elvis wig, Elvis Glasses or even Microphone.

Elvis Presley Costumes Fancy Dress (27)

Elvis Deluxe Wig Adult Black


Elvis Wig Adult Black


Elvis Adult


Elvis Headpiece Adult Black/Gold


Elvis Deluxe Adult


Elvis Collector's Edition


Elvis Wig Child


Elvis Scarves (3 Pack)


Elvis Microphone