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    Kids Children Halloween Costumes

    Give your Children a spooktacular time this Halloween with the wide range of freaky Halloween available in Smiffys Kids Halloween costume collection. Your little ones can choose a wide range of creepy costumes that are perfect for Trick or Treating, children’s parties or simply as a way of getting into the Halloween spirit. You can choose from traditional Halloween horrors such as Witches, Vampires and Skeletons alongside more modern creations such as Day of the Dead and Haunted Court. Not only that, but we also stock a wide range of Halloween Accessories including Blood, Scars and Fake Teeth that are fantastic for finishing for Halloween horror costumes.

    Halloween Children's Fancy Dress

    Hooded Cape Kids Black


    Vampire Bat Wings Kids Black


    Hooded Cape Kids White


    Wicked Witch Costume Kids Black


    Deluxe Zombie Clown Costume Kids Red/green


    T Rex Skull Mask Kids White


    Zombie Bride Costume Kids Grey


    Zombie Convict Costume Kids White/black


    Deluxe Sinister Clown Costume Kids White/blue


    Zombie Country Girl Costume Kids Blue


    Skully Girl Costume Kids Black/white


    Spider Cape Kids Black


    Skelly Cat Costume Kids Black/white


    Deluxe Jolly Rotten Pirate Kids Blue


    Monster Bulging Eye Mask Kids Brown


    Skeleton Tutu Costume Kids Black/white


    Pumpkin Tutu Dress Costume Kids Orange


    Cat Costume Kids Black/wihte


    Cool Cat Costume Kids Black/white


    Bewitched Costume Kids Green


    Cinder Witch Costume Kids Black/pink


    Pumpkin Costume Kids Orange/black


    Grim Reaper Kit Child Kids White


    Glow In The Dark Skeleton Costume Kids


    Zombie Cheerleader Costume Kids Red/black


    Frankie Girl Costume Kids Green/ Black


    Zombie School Girl Costume Kids Grey


    Ghostly Bride Costume Kids Grey


    Zombie Groom Costume Kids Black


    Zombie School Boy Costume Kids Grey/white/red


    Deluxe Zombie Viking Costume Kids Brown


    Deluxe T Rex Skeleton Costume With Bodysuit Kids Black


    Deluxe Jolly Rotten Pirate Girl Costume Kids Blue


    Deluxe Gothic Prom Queen Costume Adult Pink/black


    Deluxe Day Of The Dead Girl Costume Adult Black


    Deluxe Day Of The Dead Devil Boy Costume Kids Red


    Day Of The Dead Devil Mask Childs Kids Red


    Day Of The Dead Boy Costume Kids Black


    Dark Reaper Costume Kids Black


    Bat Costume Kids Black/purple


    Vamp Costume Kids Red/black


    Zombie Surgeon Costume Kids Blue


    Bat Skeleton Costume Kids Black/white


    Screamer Ghost Robe Kids Black