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It can often get overwhelming deciding to take a chance by choosing a complex fancy dress costume, with all of the different elements of your outfit all needing to come together perfectly at the perfect time. If you are planning to go all out with your fancy dress you may find that many of the more complex outfits can get quite difficult, and also require a certain amount of makeup work and accessories in order to complete your costume. Luckily, MAD Distribution are here and on hand to make your fancy dress as fun and easy as possible, and have put together a fantastic selection of latex character kits including the ever popular Horror Flesh and Neon Liquid Latex that are perfect for adding those finishing touches to your finish fancy dress. MAD Distribution Latex Kits contain everything you need to bring your character to life, with a range of costume specific Scars, Face Paints and Guides all included to walk you through the final touches to your fancy dress costume.

Liquid Latex

Zombie Latex Shoe Covers, Beige


Zombie Latex Kit Adult Natural


Zombie Latex Mask Adult Brown


Zombie Latex Hands Adult Beige


Mummy Special Effects Kit Adult White


Horror Flesh Adult Skin


Horror Flesh Tube Adult White