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        Before Disney took their crown Looney Tunees was the biggest and most popular animated series in the world and our fantastic range of Looney Tunes Fancy Dress costumes pays homage to the amazing characters who made it so popular. Since the 1930s the likes of Bugs Bunny, Slyverster the Cat, Tweety Bird & the Tazmanian Devil have been delighting audiences on every corner of the globe. Now you can bring these iconic characters to life at the your next fancy dress party with out great range of Looney Tunes Fancy Dress costumes.

        Looney Tunes

        Bugs Bunny Girls Hooded Costume


        Bugs Bunny Candy Bowl Holder


        Tweety Girls Hooded Costume


        Taz Candy Bowl Holder


        Pepe Le Pew Hooded Tutu Dress


        Bugs Bunny Hooded Tutu Dress


        Tweety Hooded Tutu Dress


        Pepe Le Pew Girls Hooded Costume


        Bugs Bunny Classic Costume, Child


        Bugs Bunny Deluxe Costume, Adult


        Tweety Pie Deluxe Costume, Adult

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