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We have some fantastic crocodile costumes for adults and kids. This collection is all about crocodiles and alligators, although not biologically the same, they look pretty darn similar. These large semiaquatic reptiles are found thankfully not in the UK, but we have some super cute crocodile outfits to make up for that. Now men, boys, women and girls can dress up in green scales and act like these legendary predators. So if you are looking for crocodile fancy dress, or if you are still considering other animal outfits, then there's no better place than here.

Crocodile & Alligator Costumes

Crocodile Costume Adult Green


Deluxe Crocodile Costume Kids Green


Crocodile Toddler Costume


Roald Dahl Deluxe Enormous Crocodile Costume Kids Green


Toddler Crocodile Costume Toddler Green


Toddler Crocodile Costume, Green


Crocodile Adult Green


Crocodile Costume Kids Green


Crocodile Costume Kids Green


Crocodile Costume Adult Green


Crocodile Head Mask Kids Green/yellow