Riddler Mask
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Riddler Mask

Not so funny, and always puzzling, The Riddler, Edward Nigma, is known for his green suit with question marks and a walking cane. Always making up word games and quizzes to confuse The Batman and Commissioner Gordon , Riddler is a DC Comics supervillain, set to destroy Gotham City and have the last laugh. Seen in Warner Bros movies "Batman: The Brave and Bold" (2008), "Batman Forever" (1992) and "Batman" (1992), The Ridder has also been Batman's arch-nemesis in TV series from the 1960's and video games. Solve a puzzle today and become The Riddler.
  • Moulded latex overhead mask with painted features
  • Bowler hat with question mark motif
  • Breathing holes at nose and mouth, holes for eyes and holes at ears
  • This is an officially licensed DC Comics product